Best Gaming LED/LCD PC Monitors 2011-2012

Choosing the Right Gaming Monitor

When choosing a gaming monitor it’s important to keep in mind certain specifications. A low response time is essential in for blur-free or ghost-free action sequences and full high definition monitors with high contrast ratios are essential for detailed imaging. In this post we’ll take a look at the best gaming monitors, and top rated LED monitors categorized by 24″, 27″, and 3D gaming monitors.

27 Inch LED PC Monitors

Samsung S27A350H Review – Best Picture

The Samsung S27A350H is one of the few TN (twisted nematic) panel monitors with 100 % sRGB color standard reproduction. Accurate color combined with a 2ms response time, 5 million to 1 contrast ratio, and full high definition give the S27A350H an incredibly smooth and detailed picture.

Save Energy Save Money

The environmentlaly friendly S27A350H uses LED backlighting to provide just the right amount of brightness. LED LCD backlighting, as opposed to standard fluorescent LCD backlighting, tends to be lighter on the eyes and uses up to 50% less energy than LCD backlit monitors.


Most TN panel displays wash out from certain angles. With Sony’s new MagicAngle technology the  S27A350H is flawless from every angle.


You can tell a cheap monitor when you see one. The Samsung S27A350H is sleek and features an ultra-thin (24mm) design with Samsung’s touch of color glossy piano-black bezel frame which has a slight hint of red.

Additional Technical Details:

Additional details for the S27A350H include 170°(H) / 160°(V) standard viewing angle, 16.7 Million display colors, 300 cd/m2 brightness rating, D-Sub and HDMI connectors, and a 0 – 20° tilt adjustable design.

Viewsonic VX2753MH-LED Computer Monitor – 1ms Response Time

Viewsonic is known for its ability to produce highly rated and durable products for less money than it’s competitors. The Viewsonic Vx2753MH-LED certainly falls along those lines. It has the fastest response time that you’ll come across, 1ms, and the picture is bolstered by specifications which include full high definition 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 30M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and a 300 cd/m2 brightness rating. Another plus to purchasing a Viewsonic monitor is that it comes with a 3 year parts and labor warranty bolstered by Viewsonic’s industry leading Pixel Performance Guarantee.

Bookstand option

Whoever came up with the design for the VX2753MH-LED was a innovative. With the VX2753MH-LED you can easily remove the stand and simply tilt the monitor back to have it on eye level. This additional feature also makes it super easy to carry and use at LAN parties. They’ve also taken much of the weight out for portability (weighs around 10 pounds).

Additional Specifications: Anti-glare glossy screen, D-Sub and 2 x HDMI connectors, built-in 2W x 2 speakers, and tilt adjustable (down 5 degrees and up 20).

ASUS VE278Q – Value Buy/Deal

Specifications for the Asus VE278Q include 1920 x 1080 resolution, Asus Smart Contrast Ratio of10,000,000:1, a 2ms GTG response time, D-Sub, DVI, and HDMI connectors, DisplayPort, 16.7 Million display colors, 0.311mm pixel pitch, Tilt: +20° to -5°, and built-in speakers 2 x 3W stereo RMS. The warranty includes 3 years of parts and labor from Asus.

Overall: This monitor has received great reviews across all major manufacturer websites. Of our 3 monitors it’s the best value for similar specifications.

27 Inch Gaming Monitor Summary:

Above we’ve listed the 3 best 27 inch gaming monitors available for 2011. We’ll continue reviewing some great gaming monitors below including Acer’s new 3D 120 hertz LED Monitor in our 3D monitor list.

24 Inch LED Backlit Computer Monitors

In this category we’ll be looking at the top 23-25 inch monitors.

ASUS ML248H LED Monitor – Cheap/Best-Value

The Asus ML248H is an affordable monitor which gives you great specifications and introduces a feature that many gamers love – the ringstand. The Asus ring stand is sturdy and allows you to pivot and tilt your monitor to the exact location you want it. As you probably spend many hours on the computer this allows for a more ergonomic position which reduces back, neck, and eye strain.


The design is super slim (16.5mm) and saves you a lot of desk space when compared to bulkier designs from just a couple of years ago. The Asus ML248H also includes LED Touch-Sensor Buttons which are neat but don’t add a lot to the overall value.

Technical details include full high definition 1920 x 1080 resolution, 2ms GTG response time, 170°(H) / 160°(V) viewing angle, Asus Smart Contrast Ratio of 10 million to 1, 250 cd/m2 brightness, D-Sub and HDMI connectors, Pivot & Swivel adjustment (ergonomic ring stand). A 3 year Asus parts and labor warranty is included with the deal.

Overall: Overall this is a great value at right around $200. If you want a traditional monitor stand, then take a look at the ASUS VH238H which also has gaming grade specifications.

Samsung LED PX2370 Monitor Review

If you are willing to spend a little bit more, then you should definitely check out the Samsung PX2370 which like the larger Samsung model above has 100% sGRB color reproduction. Specifications include FULL HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 2ms response time, 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, DVI and HDMI connectors, 170°(H) / 160°(V) brightness rating, and tilt adjustment. A 3 year parts and labor warranty is included with your purchase.

Overall: Overall we feel like the PX2370 has the best picture of the 23-25 inch monitors we’re reviewing but it’s difficult to justify an additional $50 for a product that’s a little more sturdy and has similar specifications. If you’re willing to fork over the extra cash, then we feel it’s the best available right now.

Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED

The Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED is similar to the larger model above and is definitely worth a look. It has similar specifications except that it has a 2ms response time rather than 1ms and it also has the new bookstand feature that gives it increased portability.

24 Inch Gaming Monitor Summary:

You can’t really go wrong with any of the monitors we listed above. The VX2453MH-LED and ASUS ML248H LED certainly give you an incredible picture and specifications for the money and the Samsung LED PX2370 is worth it if you have the money.

Best Rated 3D Gaming Monitor of 2011 – 120 hertz Refresh Rate


Looking for a large 3D LED gaming monitor? The all new Acer HN274H BMIIID is what you’re looking for. While at first glance it may seem on the pricier side it’s important to realize that the Acer HN274Hbmiiid comes with nVidia 3D glasses which when purchased separately would cost you around $150.

Whether you’re playing in 3D or 2D the HN274H BMIIID gives you a stellar picture that’s smooth and blur-free. This comes as a result of it’s impressive 120 hertz refresh rate coupled with its quick 2ms response time. Another great feature for this monitor is its versatility. Unlike less expensive monitors you get plenty of connectors with a D-Sub, DVI, and 3 HDMI.


The Acer HN274H takes detail and imagery to another level with Acer’s super 100 million to 1 adaptive contrast management which helps to optimize your viewing experience by giving it the perfect contrast for each scene.

Additional Technical Details include full high definition 1920 x 1080 resolution, 170°(H) / 160°(V) viewing angle, 0.3114mm pixel pitch, 16.7 Million display colors, 300 cd/m2 brightness rating, energy star compliant, tilt -5 to 15 degrees, built-in 2W x 2 speakers, and a 3 year parts and labor warranty from Acer.

Summary: We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the best gaming LED/LCD PC monitors for 2011. Leave a comment if you have a question about any of our reviewed monitors or feel like there’s another one that we’ve missed. We actively respond to questions within 24 hours.

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